New Plans For Coroners’ Court Building

David Cross

New plans for the redevelopment of Sheffield's former Coroners' Court building have been revealed.

CODA Studios has submitted a pre-application enquiry to Sheffield Council covering the redevelopment.

Firestone Developments previously applied to the council for permission to demolish the Nursery Street building and redevelop the land in the Wicker Island area but withdrew its plans following a number of objections.

The CODA team has now come up with proposals that will retain the whole of the original building for development as apartments but will also feature a pencil tower rising from a courtyard to the rear of the premises.

CODA managing director Matt Bowker said: "As major supporters of Sheffield's great industrial and social heritage we take great pleasure in retaining as much of the past as possible and we believe that our new proposals will meet all the needs of historical preservation while linking the site to an exciting and iconic new structure that is sympathetic to its surroundings.

"The previous approval to redevelop the site only retained the existing façade- these proposals aim to retain the whole building."

The former Coroners' Court building was constructed in 1913 by Sheffield architect FEP Edwards. It featured a coroner's court, mortuary, post-mortem rooms, viewing chapel, witnesses' waiting rooms and police accommodation along with a yard and stabling.

After sustaining damage in WWII, renovations were made, including youth court facilities and substantial changes to the interiors.

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